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Unfortunately the very popular Petzomat is derece built any more, but alternatives from other companies are available. Nowadays chocolate producers dirilik strongly reduce conching times if they insist on using pre-treated cocoa liquor of high flavour quality. Untreated cocoa is also still used, which then requires extra conching, like in former times.

YS/YB 500 represents the last in the chain of new horizontal ball refiners that are equipped with the latest state of the ense technology, which provide new solutions in product processes that are in excess of the traditional capabilities of the ball refiners.

So we’ve pulled together 21 essential baking tools (for chocolate desserts and so much more) that’ll help you turn your kitchen into a temporary bakery, fondue spot, or sweet shop.

Watch careful not to burn them because they don’t get crispy. They are gooey and delicious and would be incredible dipped in that white chocolate in the picture!  

If you have a sweet tooth and love to lean into the season's displays of chocolate affection (you don’t have to be celebrating Valentine's Day to enjoy your favorite sweets), you might be tempted to make some chocolatey treats at home.

The Micron Ball Refinder allows you to do small batch processing of chocolate mass with relatively short cycle times. The unit is equipped with heating and refrigeration to control batch temperatures, and produces chocolate with a fine particle size.

To get your mass refined, the product is placed in the processing chamber and the stainless steel spheres grind and reduce the size of the particles by impact and friction force.

Even a large variety of rework can be processed with the Refiner/Conches following a specific loading procedure. Once a homogenous mass is obtained, the refining and conching process is initiated.

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The perfect mixture is achieved by the system of stirrers, metal balls – metallic spheres with the temperature control and the pump, which allows to recirculate and to repeat the process for several times until the mass becomes even.

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Beside ball mill for product development, we produce ball mills for small workshops and medium-sized confectionery manufacturers.

The terms “conche” and “melanger” refer to distinct stages in the chocolate-making process, but they are sometimes used interchangeably. While both conching and melanging contribute to refining chocolate, they serve different purposes and involve different techniques.

The revolutionary design delivers instant melting and continuous process supply to increase Chocolate Melting Tank downstream production without large

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